Juxtaposing Victorian and Modern

One of our biggest projects yet is located on one of the residential side streets near Bloor and Ossington. This semi-detached home was built over 100 years ago, but over time and many different renovations, Spaces by Jacflash felt like it lacked the original character it deserves.

We love the idea of marrying two completely different styles to create a new aesthetic. For this living and dining room, we are installing panels with appliques and large moldings to the walls, and sleek modern furniture pieces. Here are some precedent pictures that really inspired us.



A common flaw of older homes are the small divided rooms and lack of natural lighting. We intended to solve these issues by opening the wall that separated the dining room and hallway and also added 2 modern windows on either side of the existing large arch way between living and dining.


We are so happy with how it is progressing downstairs. The windows we are adding will be matte black metal with no bevel on the glass. Here are some images of example windows; our order is currently in production.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 6.42.11 PM

To create texture and interest to the walls, we are installing large panels with embellished corners throughout both living and dining room spaces. To solve the problem of a bulk head in the dining room, we had to get creative and make this eye sore beautiful. Instead of trying to hide it, we decided to make it part of a recessed ceiling, where we will have intricate moldings, pot lights and a ceiling medallion for the chandelier. Here are the drawings which illustrate the moldings that will be installed over the next couple of weeks.


A feature wall in the dining room will be an antiqued mirror installed behind one of the moldings. This large panel is centered between a window and the arch to the kitchen, as you can see in the drawing below! We wanted a wow factor that would also make the room feel larger. One of our favourite parts about having the mirror on this wall, is that the reflection will mainly be of our new modern windows.

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 10.34.57 AM

In this home, the first thing you see when you walk in are these main living areas. It takes just a few seconds for someone to form an opinion as soon as they walk through the front door. What does your space say about you? We wanted this space to speak to the owners of the home; a juxtaposition of styles that work together to create something new and beautiful.


Shoe Vault @ The Ritz

shoe vault logo 2

Brought to you by the designers of Spaces by Jacflash, The Shoe Vault allows you to showcase your iconic shoe collection in a unique and stylish way. The Shoe Vault features a strong, clear, acrylic material with cutaway sides and a convenient hand slot. Both men’s and women’s sizes are available.


All Shoe Vault designs are made custom to fit your space. Recently, a resident of the Ritz Carlton asked for his own Shoe Vault in his large walk in closet. This client wanted to fit as many shoes as possible, without losing the amazing view.


We designed our biggest Shoe Vault bank yet with almost 100 shoe boxes. The clear acrylic takes away almost none of the view, and still leaves our client with ample dressing space between his built-in cabinets and his Shoe Vault system.


The L-shaped layout forced us to get creative by designing a custom corner unit. This gives him room for 3 additional boxes, as well as a counter top where he can display all of his latest accessories. The bases are also made of acrylic which comes in a variety of colours; this client chose a simple glossy black.


Assembling and cleaning is a breeze. We take into account all room ventilation and outlets so there are almost no tools required to put together your system. Cleaning our high-end acrylic requires you to use an ammonia-free glass and plastic cleaner, which we provide for you.

We cannot wait to do the photo shoot, and see how the final product looks with our client’s extravagant shoe collection!



Twin-Friendly Master Bedroom by Spaces by Jacflash

IMG_1337When a Toronto Dr. and mother of twins living in the GTA, asked for a bedroom makeover, we knew she needed a getaway from her busy life. With two 8-year-olds, there is not much time for relaxation. This oasis for her and her husband is going to be glamorous, but durable.

This large master suite is almost 14′ x 23′ so there is a ton of room for changes, but we wanted to keep the layout simple, and have a large dressing area because of her very full walk-in closet.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 2.42.13 PM

One of the most challenging components to this room was working with her existing furniture pieces – which just so happen to be 2 huge custom made armoires, that don’t particularly match.

Armoire #1 & #2:armoires

We came up with a design that would unite her home’s eclectic style of traditional/boho/glam/beige to a sophisticated, put-together master bedroom. Hopefully to withstand the challenge of growing children and changing styles.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 3.02.05 PM

The biggest change we made was to paint all baseboards, crown moldings, and doors a glossy black. This allows us to emphasize the scale of the room and ground the white airy walls. All new gold hardware, fixtures and accents give some sparkle and extravagance to an otherwise monochrome palette.

There is no need to go over the top with art that will break the bank in a bedroom, just go with a few pieces that inspires and delights you time and time again. For this client, we chose to blow-up some of her favourite family shots and a simple painting from a local HouseEleven artist.

Don’t overlook curtains! They are one of the key factors of you getting a good night’s sleep. This room has two very large windows that overlook a pool and beautiful pergola, so during the day when the curtains are open. We don’t want to distract from the hard-to-find Toronto backyard. That’s why we chose a light cool toned grey. But don’t be fooled, these curtains will black out any light on those lazy Sunday mornings to sleep in.

Choosing a bed is a big commitment, which is no wonder why our client has had a difficult time choosing which bed works for her and her husband. We gave her these 4 completely different options, that could all work in her space.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 3.34.06 PM

The bedding will be simple and easy to manage – sometimes too many accent pillows can be overwhelming. That being said, don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunity for texture, especially in a monochromatically schemed room like this one. A key factor for bedding is to make sure it is comfortable, but also durable and easy to wash.

We are currently in the process of painting and ordering the finishing touches. We will be posting pictures and videos of the staging and putting together process, stay tuned… we cannot wait to unveil this room to our lovely client and to you!

Spaces by Jacflash Is Bringing The Indoors Out This Summer With Urban Barn!

Spaces by Jacflash is bringing the indoors out this Summer. We’ve teamed up with Urban Barn to transform a backyard space into an extension of our home.



For this project, we are using Urban Barn’s indoor furniture, to bring the comfort of the indoors out.

GHL_1195 (1)

We have incorporated rugs, throws and pillows and focused on cool, soothing colours.


The Chateau Dining Table’s shabby chic style compliments the Aimee dining arm chair’s classic silhouette.

We layered Urban Barn’s Heirloom Rug with their Vares Rug. The muted colour palettes and the aged look of both rugs create a warm and comforting vibe in the outdoor space.


Bringing a mirror outdoors increases light and space to every backyard setting. The intricate detailing on Urban Barn’s Presley Floor Mirror adds a glamorous touch. Urban Barn offers endless vases and planters, layering different textures, sizes and colours, adds incredible character to the space.



We chose Urban Barn’s Element Chandelier in dark grey to add a dramatic element to the seating area.


To transform our table setting we decided to do a floral table runner. We used a lot of larger greenery, layering it on the base of the table and filling it all in with Eucalyptus. We then filled in any gaps in the table and added Baby’s Breath to add a lighter colour and texture. To top off the table setting I chose flowers with a lot of whites, creams and grey tones such as dusty rose.



Because the theme of our backyard is bringing the indoors out, I decided to fill the entire space with plants, flowers and as much greenery as possible so that you are still reminded that it is outdoors.

For each table setting I started off with Urban Barn’s Sandy Beach Placemat, which I love because it gives the whole space a beachy, casual and laid back vibe. I used the Moon Struck Dishware Set, the Hammered Five Piece Cutlery Set, I love the hammered texture because it adds a modern edge to the rest of the table. I also chose the Diamant Glassware and I love how dramatic it makes the rest of the table.

GHL_0935 GHL_0958


To finish of the table I purchased a grey linen fabric at the fabric store, cut it to the size that I wanted, wet it a little bit and threw it in the dryer to give it a more natural, wrinkled look.


The backyard design that Spaces by Jacflash assembled with Urban Barn creates a fun and elegant atmosphere to this outdoor space.

GHL_1140Check out our new Youtube Chanel, showcasing more of our backyard design!

Photos by Evens Belleus, video by Ekaterina Shumakova.

Spaces by Jacflash’s Contemporary Queen St Loft- The Bedroom

Spaces By Jacflash recently transformed a large loft in Toronto’s Art + Design District. We combined a collection of grey tones to create a more up-to-date feel, mixed it with brass and crystal for touch of glam, along with white fur and cowhide for a sense of luxury.

nicole bedroom full


We purchased a velvet, deep grey bed frame, paired it with two metallic, velvet accent pillows, with a velvet quilted bed throw. We chose high-gloss, white, lacquer-finished bedside tables, as they complimented the white wardrobe with brass and acrylic pulls and paired the nightstands with geometric, crystal clear table lamps. The sleeping area of the room was made complete with a crystal chandelier and tropical themed photos from one of our own independent Houseleven photographers.

nicole bedroom custom knobsORC_0688

This once simple and dull PAX wardrobe from IKEA has now been transformed into a sophisticated wardrobe by merely making the addition of custom, acrylic and brass finished door pulls from Lux Holdups.

nicole bedroom cowhide

The concept of the large ottoman was inspired by a classic representation of a luxurious walk-in closet. The round, dark grey, suede ottoman from Restoration Hardware highlights the bed frame, and this original, silver spotted, light grey cowhide compliments the metallic in the throw pillows. We loved mixing a variation of textures and materials, so as to create a space that is anything but repetitive or bland.


Spaces by Jacflash wasn’t going to allow an empty space by such beautiful, large windows go to waste! We placed a tropical plant on the left side to give the room some life, then on the right, added a small seating nook that is perfect for lounging or reading a good book. We chose a chair that was clean, but that still had interesting textures and CB2’s brass framed, graphite, velvet chair did the job well done. We then threw on a white, faux fur to amplify comfort and added a soft, plush foot stool (we especially love the pleat and brass features on this ottoman!), as well as an acrylic nesting table set. The objective of nesting tables are to minimize clutter while maximizing the space of a room. The transparency of the acrylic nesting tables gives the illusion of “flotation” when it comes to the accessories atop. We chose a simple, industrial, brass floor lamp to give it a masculine touch and purchased long, dark grey curtains, with gold rods to match.  We finally finished off the area with a shag rug and fireplace to cozy the room up, how perfect for Toronto’s painfully harsh winters?

Interested on upgrading or redesigning your bedroom (or any space!)? Contact the Spaces by Jacflash team

More Info: Spaces By Jacflash offers architectural planning, interior design, and decor. We do everything from designing homes, condos, and commercial spaces to staging, merchandising, closet organization, design and more.


Leyla Kayhan