Our 11 Favourite Celebrity Closets

For most people, a closet is somewhere where you hang your clothes and put away your shoes, but to some, even a walk-in closet is not expansive enough for their endless ensembles. Combine a boundless budget with a love for fashion and what do you get? These incomparable wardrobe wards. From Ralph Lauren’s rich, rustic room, to Kim Kardashian’s Kanye takeover, here are our 11 favourite celebrity closets.

1. Rachel Zoe

This famous celebrity stylist has dressed fashion icons such as Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Garner, so of course her commitment to fashion would extend into her closet. Her walk-in displays throws, pillows, rugs, and ceramics to make up a lust-worthy room for her wardrobe which includes more than 100 Chanel jackets, 10 Birkin bags, vintage turbans, cuffs and over 100 pieces of Missoni.


2. Ralph Lauren
Bringing the same sophistication and conciseness that he does with his designs, Ralph Lauren’s Bedford, N.Y. manor includes an all-American, rustic style room with rich mahogany and masculine details to make up his luxurious closet space.


3. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has one of the most outrageous closets out there, featuring over 1,000 pairs of shoes, stunning marble floors and expensive Versailles-inspired furniture.


4. Nate Berkus

The ultimate walk-in closet only make sense for the ultimate interior designer expert. In Nate’s Chicago home, his dressing room features plenty of storage space, two vintage stools, a wardrobe and mirror that are reminiscent of the 1940s and a midcentury French light fixture.


5. Olivia Wilde

Being an actress and fashion model puts on a lot of pressure for a woman to always look her best, so how do you stay on top of your fashion game? With a huge walk-in closet of course. Olivia’s features cedar wood flooring, translucent window panels, a feminine vanity, a black glass chandelier and a plush rug. Bonus: The climate controlled element to the room.


6. Olivia Palermo

Our favourite socialite and style-setter combines a mixture of high-end designs and vintage for an envious closet. Where did she get her wardrobe space inspiration from? She told Page Six Magazine she was inspired by Mariah Carey’s closet.


7. Kimora Lee Simmons

Being a head of a fashion line probably doesn’t hurt, but Kimora combined two bedrooms in her 49,000-square-foot Saddle River, N.J. home to create her ample walk-in closet which includes 35 custom-made Hermes Birkin bags, over 500 pairs of jeans and an extensive collection of jewelry for a closet that looks more like a boutique. The closet is decorated with leopard-print carpet, marble columns, a mini-bar, and flat screen tvs. Everything in her closet is photographed and stored on her computer so she can easily put together outfits.


8. Kim Kardashian (Kanye Takeover)

Not even six months after Kanye and Kim started dating, Kanye barged in with a team to makeover her closet. He replaced her “ghetto” wardrobe for a high-end, luxurious one that could make most women drool. The least shocking part about it? This whole process was filmed on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.



9. Lisa Vanderpump
This restaurateur and television personality seems to have as much drama in her life as in her closet. This diva’s jaw dropping closet is custom built, colour co-ordinated and filled with custom and designer clothing and accessories.


10. Jessica Alba

Inside Jessica’s Beverly Hills home, lies a luxuriously impressive closet and her shoe collection includes shelves upon shelves of designer footwear. Jessica exclaims, “Who doesn’t love all shoes?!”


11. Carrie Bradshaw
Speaking of shoes, almost every fashion woman’s fictional icon, Carrie Bradshaw (the Sex and the City character played by Sarah Jessica Parker) has been quoted saying “I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!” Her infamous shoe collection costs over $40,000 and Carrie puts so much importance on her wardrobe that she has been known to buy Manolos before making payments on her apartment. Carrie was also the epitome of fearless fashion- with menswear-inspired ensembles, over-the-top accessories and flirty frocks, what other closet could we dream of having more than the woman who taught us our fashion A-Z’s?

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