Today I’m giving you all a sneak peek of NBA Toronto Raptor, Patrick Patterson’s condo in the Trump International Hotel and Residences, designed by Spaces by Jacflash.

Designing Patrick’s condo was one of the most exciting projects the Spaces by Jacflash team has done thus far and we could not be more proud of the end result! 

We worked on this project for months- but the seemingly endless hours of manual and creative labour put into our spaces are more than worthwhile once our projects are complete and our vision comes to life.

Spaces by Jacflash works in collaboration with our clients to develop an exclusive and extraordinary look for each and every space. One of our favourite design ideas on Patrick’s project was the giant dinosaur skull we put atop his patina mirror coffee table- the perfect centerpiece for the Toronto Raptor. 

Here are a few photos for you guys to see before the full album is uploaded on our website!

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A shout out to some of our suppliers



@ Morbatoronto

There is plenty more to see of Patrick’s condo so stay tuned and check back soon!!

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Spaces by Jacflash

Another week another LOST & FOUND MONDAY!

This week at 577 KING, Lost & Found was treated by the very special guest DJ – SOPHIE JONES!


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Its always a good time at LOST AND FOUND MONDAYS

If you need bottle service give me a shout at

We liked pineapples before pineapples were cool

Mid century modern seems to be the hottest interior design trend around right now and adding the popular pineapple welcoming motif helps your home to feel even more bright and inviting. Pineapples have always been a symbol of hospitality and luxury. Hundreds of years ago pineapples were the dessert of the wealthy and the perfect gift to your guests inspired by its historical rarity. Having pineapple decor in your house today will present a quirky colourful impression that will resemble you as the happiest of hostesses.

Check out our favourite pineapple decor inspiration photos to spark you to create your own luxurious and cheerful pineapple statement in every room in your home.

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This rosy and ritzy accessory is also prevalent at Toronto’s newest hot spot, The Addison’s Residence on Wellington. The vibe and decor is more than brilliant as it is set up like a Beverly Hills mansion, cool and content with a vintage chic vibe. Whether you’re with 2 or 200 people, The Addison’s will make you feel right at home, at the most lavish of house parties.



The second hidden gem we discovered this week is the most charming tropical tiki restaurant and bar called Miss Thing’s. The food is as colourful as the decor, giving you a vibe from the tropics of Hawaii.  But of course, our favourite item on the menu is the pineapple fried rice.



If you are looking to dazzle up your home, we have great pineapple decor available for sale on the Jacflash website. Here’s a peek at the new arrivals to the home accessories store. ..

Click to buy!

Click to buy!

Happy Friday- until next trend!























9 Pieces of clothing women want to steal from men and the one surprising item we don’t

Originally written by Jaclyn Genovese for

Having a significant other makes for a lot of sharing. From sharing the car, to sharing your dinner and even being forced to share your feelings, but one thing men don’t expect to share when coming into a relationship is their wardrobe. Wearing our man’s clothing makes us feel cozy, dainty and cool. Our favorite thing about wearing your digs? They smell like you. I guess it’s also our own little way to mark our territory. Those sweatpants you were planning to wear before bed, the blazer that was draped on your chair and that stinky tee in your laundry hamper, woosh, it’s gone and you probably didn’t even notice. Here are the pieces that your lady is probably making her way out your door with right now and one surprising item you be will sad to hear is safe and sound from her thievish ways


  1. Socks

The beginning stages of clothing thievery begin at items you may not even notice. They may look ridiculous on us, with the heel indents coming up to our calves, but there is something so cozy and comforting about wearing our man’s socks.

  1. Hats

You’ve all experienced it at one time or another. You’re at the bar and a girl you may not even know just grabs your hat off of your head and runs for the hills. Hats are another magnetizing item we can’t help but swipe. Once a woman decides she wants to be your girlfriend, your hat collection will be as tempting as that tub of cookie dough ice cream that is sitting in your freezer. She is not only wearing your stolen hat collection around her house, but there is also a compilation of boyfriend hat selfies sitting on her iPhone. To post, or not to post, that is the question…

  1. Boyfriend Jeans… literally

I mean, what more can we say. Boyfriend jeans are the hottest trend right now so how can we not give in to their seduction?


4. Watches

There’s something about wearing your man’s chunky watch that makes us feel charmingly feminine. Don’t fret, she most likely will not wear it outside of the house, but she will definitely flaunt it like it’s hers.


5. T-Shirts

None are safe from a woman’s grasp, but especially not the stinky ones. Nothing beats that smell of your man’s cologne, deodorant and his own manly scent.

Tip: Next time your lady stays over, just have her favorite t-shirt waiting for her on your bed. We couldn’t get comfortable before, but now we can properly snuggle next to you on the couch and watch a movie.


6. Hoodies

This love affair with men’s hoodies is universal. Every woman has a collection of men’s hoodies and we promise to get rid of the old ones, as long as we are sufficiently restocked with yours. There is nothing a woman likes more than a comfortable sweater, and nothing is more comfortable than our man’s oversized ones. The University Hoodie with the grass stains and holes in it? We would wear that thing to work if we could. A good hoodie is the ultimate find, no grubby sweatshirt is safe around our freshly manicured hands.

7. Your Lightweight Jacket

We’ll be back in a minute we’re just going to run to the store to grab something (slips on jacket).

8. Suit Jacket

This is the one item that is actually offered to us by our man and is the one item that we don’t want to keep. The shoulder pads don’t make us look dainty, we just feel beastly and boxy. No, no, this doesn’t mean we won’t take you up on your offer to wear it, we’re still cold, but once this draft goes away and we heat up on the dance floor, you can have right it back.

9. Sweatpants

Sunday afternoons, lounging around the house. We may have to keep hiking them up and the bottoms of them are dusting up your floor, but isn’t that cute?

10. The one item we don’t want to wear or even borrow? Your Dress Shirt.


And of course it’s the one item that a man actually wants to see his woman in. Everyman fantasizes about waking up to his girl making breakfast in nothing but last nights dress shirt, but that starch collar and annoying cuffs don’t exactly scream relaxation. Besides, we don’t want to get your crisp white shirt dirty, what would you wear to work?

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