Lost and Found Monday’s – OCT 12

Monday nights at Lost and Found are always great but this Monday was exceptionally fun.

We had some exciting visitors like Julian from DJ duo Dzeko and Torres pop by.

Make sure you guys come by next Monday!

Message jaclyn@jacflash.net for bottles and reservations.


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As always, things got a little crazy last Monday at Lost & Found. The crowd was beautiful, the music was incredible and the energy in the club was extraordinary! Check out some photos of last Monday night below.

If you think Monday nights at Lost & Found cant get any better- apparently they can! It’s MY BIRTHDAY next Monday and things are going to get even more WILD! Come out this Monday, August 31st to celebrate my Birthday party at Lost & Found, 577 King St. West. Hit me up for bottle service reservations and guest list ASAP as we are going to sell out quick!

For Guest list & Table Reservations



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577 King Street W.