Day 1 of Toronto Fashion Week


Before hitting up shows, Loretta (one of jacflash’s old store manager’s!) and I had the privilege of going backstage!


Redken sleeked my hair into a runway ready bun, Essie painted my nails a sultry, Spring hue and Maybelline filled our purses with endless amounts of our favourite make up- from lipsticks, to glosses, to foundations and more!



I wore an all natural ensemble including a camel coloured, vintage round fedora, a jacflash, camel matching suit, an Hermes belt, a jacflash trench, a vintage Prada bag and my jacflash double pearl earrings of course!



Jacflash’s Favourite Fashion Trend: Pastel Pink

IMG_2189We all vowed never to wear pink again after Paris Hilton advised us several years ago that “Everything you have in your wardrobe should relate to pink in some way”, but somehow the cotton candy shade has tickled our fancy this season. Seeing the ravishing rose-colour all over the runways undoubtedly intrigued us, but we are still cautioned to remain refined in this sherbert shade by veering away from the girly, frou frou cuts and sticking to more sharply tailored looks.

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Jacflash Winter Wardrobe Staples We Love

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Photo by Evens Belleus

Staging by Spaces by Jacflash

Knits, Fedora and Pearl Earrings by Jacflash

Purse and Boots by Saint Laurent

Perfume by Chanel


Winter Neutrals

When the weather outside is dark and dreary it doesn’t mean that your outfit has to be too. Embracing a neutral wardrobe doesn’t mean you are matching with the drab weather, these colours are a great base for any outfit and can be paired with multiple layers or with colour added in though accessories. You don’t need a lot of colour to make a statement; layering different colours like nudes with greys actually compliment each other to look subtly chic.  Neutrals can be worn all year round and are timeless- so purchasing your staple items in a neutral colour is crucial.  Colourless and simple are not words to stray from but to be embraced for a timeless and classic look.


White Destroyed Denim 


Feminine Fitted Trench 


Slim Fit Beige Tee


Side Vent Sleeveless Long Knit 


Welt Pocket Button Jacket


Front Crop Turtleneck Sweater 


Off the Shoulder Tie Sweater 


Uneven Hem V – Knit Sweater 


Fur Gold Chain Bag

DSC_0450_copy_grandeIvory Lace Detail Double Breasted Blazer

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Ways to Fashionably Wrap Your Holiday Gifts This Year

Add a personal touch to your holiday gifts and make your loved ones feel extra special this season by making the outside of your presents as special as the inside. From crafty and handmade to elegant and easy, we have put together some inspiration for a memorable holiday gift exchange.

Though we have always been told that it’s what’s inside that counts, people have been known to judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a gift by it’s wrapping. Whether you make custom or personalized paper, splurge on designer sheets or just jazz up the old Kraft postal wrap, this holiday we have put together some inspiration for a memorable gift exchange.

1. High-Fashion Handouts
Home decor company, One King’s Lane teamed up with a group of designers last year to create their own wrapping paper. From minimalist chic and modern graphic prints, to whimsical and playful patterns, antique reproductions and classic florals, these designs have inspired us to infuse style and high-fashion into gift wrapping.


2. Go Green
Reusing is one of the best things you can do during the high waste time of the holidays. Envelope your gifts with old maps, newspapers and comic books and use old Christmas tree light bulbs or ornaments to deck up your paper. Put more thought and less garbage into your gift this year by getting creative with your wrapping.

e696f9c8-5cb4-4ddc-8feb-c39dfb6020cd3. Furoshiki
Originating from Japanese culture where caring for the environment and reducing waste is greatly promoted; Furoshiki is the eco-friendly wrapping cloth. Put your own luxurious twist on this concept by reusing silk scarves, spare fabric or cut up your vintage clothing.

87612b37-348b-4bc7-8994-d86b732d67034. Shadow Boxes Wrap gifts in tissue paper, paste holiday-themed figures on top and cover the boxes with glossy cellophane. Adding speech bubbles eliminates the need for a gift tag.


5. Fashionably Festive Paper
Choosing stylish prints with holiday colours is a fashionably festive way to wrap your gifts. 


6. Specialty Paper and Rich Ribbons
Combining textures like embossed paper and velvet ribbon creates a luxurious look.

f5ba4fb5-3c1e-4c1a-ad06-2c32ece9e2c17. Personalize and Monogram It
From packaged letters, stamps, cut outs or stencils, a cute way to embellish your gifts is by personalizing and writing little messages on them.


8. Gift Labels
Another great and simple way to dress up generic gift-wrapping is with momentous labels


9. Stamp It 
Put your personal touch to holiday favours by stamping different patterns and prints onto bare paper or tissue paper.


10. Chalk it Up
Send special messages and create labels on black bags or paper with chalkboard pen.


11. Get Crafty
Transform plain brown wrapping with some twine, plants and special trimmings.


12. Games
Make unwrapping a gift even more fun with game themed, printed-paper. Specialty stores even carry personalized word search paper, or if you have access to an over-sized printed, make the game greetings yourself.


13. Play with Pop-Ups
Cut fun, holiday inspired shapes into the wrapping paper and fold back to reveal a second colour of tissue beneath and to add a 3D surprise to your gift giving.


14. Colour Code
Assign each loved one a different colour paper, to avoid destination mix-ups and to claim space for each loved one under the tree.


15. Go Au Naturel
Accenting nature’s wonders such as sprigs, berries, and leaves and even decorating them with glitter and silver paint turns packages into an extravagant, eco-friendly offering.