05/23/18 Fitness By Jacflash’s Women’s Power Yoga Workshop with Kay Ghajar and Massiell Arias, Esthetician and Creator of Massiell Natural Skincare

At our last yoga workshop we had Massiell Arias, an esthetician and Creator of Massiell Natural Skincare. She showed us how to make our own face masks using all natural ingredients that are custom to our skin types!

Massiell Arias, Toronto based esthetician and creator of Massiell natural skincare will be sharing with us her most valuable skin glowing tips and a behind the scenes diy face mask session. Massiell has been an esthetician for over ten years now and she is still hand mixing and pouring all of her products, always with love.

@Massiell.made is a handcrafted intimate collection of elixirs, exfoliants and face masks for the ordinary human looking to restore, balance and renew their skin without compromising quality. All products are made without the use of synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, parabens and are not tested on animals.


Not only was it informative, but the hands on experience was so much fun. Masielle shared her most valuable skin glowing tips to take home.

This power yoga session welcomes all levels – but is PERFECT for beginners.


We have amazing assistants helping anyone in need.

Yoga mats are provided for use for the evening by The Local Lululemon.

As per usual, @kayghajar lead us through an incredible session.

Kay Ghajar has been practicing yoga for almost 10 years. She began exploring different styles of yoga after taking courses in positive psychology, which informed on the benefits of yoga and meditation. After a traumatic life event in university and failed progression through traditional counselling, she started practicing yoga and keeping a gratitude jar, which began her healing process and changed her outlook on life.

Kay received her 200-hour teaching certificate at Power Yoga Canada and will lead us through an amazing Power Yoga session. Her detailed, descriptive instruction and high energy makes the class exciting, comprehendible and achievable for the women in the class who are all at different levels.

We had incredible goodie bags from Coco Polo, Oneka and K’Pure and raffle prizes, including a box from @thekarmaboxco, Pony Dry and two incredible heartbeat pieces from @cyntiamiglio!

Such beautiful gifts designed by a local businesses. Congratulations to our winners!

We loved seeing your beautiful faces and can’t wait until next time!


Photography by Alana De Haan

01/28/18 01/28/18 Fitness by Jacflash, Women’s Legs, Booty and Abs Workshop with Trainer Lara Marquez and Nutritionists Keren Chen and Catherine Nelson

Ladies, we heard you loud and clear. We asked for your feedback from last week’s workshop and the most common feedback by all of you was more glutes and abs!


On Sunday, January 28th, Fitness by Jacflash hosted another women’s full body circuit workshop with trainer Lara Marquez. Nutritionists Keren Chen and Catherine Nelson, who help everyday athletes elevate their lives with real foods, fueling mental and physical performance, came to discuss healthy and quick meal prep for active women on the go, and supplied a healthy meal prep program for all of you to take home!

Our incredible sponsors included Flow water, One Life Meals, Healthy Crunch, The Good Bean, and Genuine Health!

Check out some photos below and please email jaclyn@jacflash.net if you have any questions at all!

See you all next Sunday and don’t forget to keep checking www.fitnessbyjacflash.com for more events!

01/22/18 Fitness by Jacflash’s Women’s Power Yoga Workshop with Kay Ghajar and Wellness Enthusiast and Essential Oils Educator Jenn Abbatiello

Another sold out #fitnessbyjacflash workshop!

I am beyond grateful for everyone’s love and support with my fitness and nutrition workshops…

On Monday, January 22nd Fitness by Jacflash had our first Yoga workshop! Not only was it an incredible total body workout, but was also an utterly inspiring experience.

Extra special thank you to Tonica for the delicious, energizing and refreshing kombucha and Lululemon for supplying the yoga mats.

DoTERRA Essential Oils Rep Jenn Abbatiello shared her inspiring story as well as what essential oils are all about, where they come from and how to use them safely and effectively for YOURSELF, Your FAMILY, Your HOME.


My yoga instructor Kay Ghajar lead us through an amazing Power Yoga session. Her detailed, descriptive instruction and high energy made the class exciting, comprehendible and achievable for the women in the class who were all at different levels.

Check out more photos below and keep checking back at www.fitnessbyjacflash.com to stay updated on the next #fitnessbyjacflash workshop!

We not only kept our bodies in shape that night, but also our brows thanks to ArteStile Beauty, for giving each of us the most beautiful set of tweezers!

Thank you again for everyone who came out to support us, looking forward to another yoga workshop soon. Now let’s continue to get strong together!


Fitness by Jacflash’s FIRST Women’s Fitness and Nutrition workshop!

I am beyond excited and thankful for all who participated in my FIRST #fitnessbyjacflash women’s fitness and nutrition workshop! We had 40 incredible women who attended- I am overwhelmed by the response for these workshops- we SOLD OUT all 40 tickets in less than 3 hours!

Sunday’s workshop included a total body circuit workout with one of my favourite trainers Lara Marquez (@lara.marq.fit) and a discussion with the incredible holistic nutritionist Ashleigh Norris (@thesoulfulsprout) who discussed the connection of brain/mood and gut health.

There was endless goodies supplied by @greenhousejuice, @impactkitchen, @broyaliving, @tonicakombucha, @lakantocanada, @sundayorganictan, @sapsuckerh2o, @genuinehealth, @onelife_meals and more!

Check out some more photos of how it went below and make sure to share and hashtag #fitnessbyjacflash!
Because of it’s huge success I am going to make this Sunday workshop with Lara a weekly, beginning on the 28th and I will be branching out to work with different trainers and speakers for a weekday, evening workshop as well!
Please email me jaclyn@jacflash.net if you are interested in attending the next one and visit www.fitnessbyjacflash.com and my instagram @jaclyngenovese to stay posted on future events.
Now let’s get STRONG together!!!!


Spaces by Jacflash was so happy to design the Pop Up shop for the reveal of Get Fresh and Puma collaboration shoe. Toronto’s fashion scene is quickly escalating to one of the most influential cities in the world. Get Fresh was recognized by Puma because of their resilience and drive to be positive role models.   

The owner of Get Fresh, Jebril Jalloh says, “This collaboration is bigger than me. It’s for us, it’s for Toronto. It is for everyone that has a dream to do what they love.”

We took the concept behind this shoe and replicate it in the design. From the entrance to the back of the space, every design element tells a story of how Get Fresh got to where it is today. Incorporating urban elements from the same era of the journey like shoes on a wire, license plates, cassette tapes, and a 90s TV.

Our favourite part of the final result was how the limited budget worked in our favour. Materials and previously used items that would for some, not be thought of as usable, actually work together with simplicity and co ordination to create an overall show stopping event.

The faux rooms were designed to look like 3D pop-up cards, representing each shoe. The rooms with a series of license plates, and cassette tapes represent when Jebril sold clothes and mixed tapes out of his car to make rent. These nostalgic elements are disguised in the same colour as the room, but still stand out because of there texture and signature shape.


The 90s Toshiba Television plays the Get Fresh fashion show from Toronto Fashion Week on a loop, reflecting how the past directly plays out the present. We painted this the same off-white as one of the shoes, and layered white skids to support it.

Instagram plays such a huge part in Toronto’s social scene, this is why we wanted to create a lot of seating areas that could not only be used for trying on your sneaker size, but also as photo-ops. The row of colour coordinated chairs are ‘lit up’ from a modern light pendant, in burgundy and almond colours. Staged in front of full length mirrors, this is a perfect spot to shop, and take a picture.